Thames Valley to receive Ministry funding for new Lucan elementary school and child care centre

Posted On Wednesday March 27, 2024
The Ministry of Education has approved close to $25 million in funding for a new elementary school with attached childcare centre in Lucan, Ontario. 
The school will accommodate 531 students and the childcare centre will accommodate 88 children. 
The addition of this facility will help Thames Valley District School Board address enrollment growth in Central Middlesex. 
“I want to commend Thames Valley’s Facility Services and Capital Planning team for their outstanding work on this proposal as well as the Board of Trustees for their strong advocacy,” said Director of Education Mark Fisher, “Thames Valley looks forward to welcoming Middlesex students and families to a much-needed future school and child care centre.”
“We are thrilled at the Ministry of Education's approval of a new school in Lucan,” said Chair of the Board Beth Mai, “This approval highlights the strength of collaboration between the Thames Valley District School Board and the Ministry and is encouraging news for our communities where population continues to grow at a rapid rate. We look forward to the benefits this school will bring to the Lucan community, reflecting our commitment to providing quality education for all students.”
“We are determined to build schools and expansions faster, part of our commitment to modernize schools in fast growing communities," said Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education. "We are proud to deliver a new Middlesex Centre Catholic Elementary School and a new Lucan Elementary School for London-area families, along with increasing funding, staffing and a back-to-basics focus on reading, writing and math skills to help ensure students graduate with confidence that they can succeed in good-paying careers."