Dress Code

We encourage all staff, students and school visitors, to follow these guidelines:

  • All clothing must have  appropriate slogans and pictures (No weapons, not rude, suggestive, profane,  violent, discriminatory, or containing inappropriate innuendo)

  • All hats, headbands, bandanas, visors, etc. will be removed when in the school building, unless worn for medical, religious, or instructional reasons

  • Clothing that covers midriffs, buttocks, and all undergarments are required

  • Tops which are low-cut, or others that reveal excessive skin exposure are inappropriate

  • Footwear should be appropriate for safe participation in all types of school activities (e.g., running shoes worn for physical education).  Flip-flops are discouraged

  • Indoor shoes must be worn at all times for safety reasons, and in case of evacuation